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    Since the 1980s, high-technology industries such as semiconductor, photoelectric, micro-electronics, solar energy,exact science and biomedicine etc. have largely arisen in Asia. And in the past few years, these high-tech industries have been rising quickly in China mainland. Hence, the demand for transportation system of ultra high purity technology and ultra clean laminar flow equipment are increasing day by day and the requirement is becoming stricter daily.

    It is just in such a background that Shanghai Delun Gas Equipment CO.,LTD was established. A group of professional talents expertized in ultra high purity technology transportation industry gather in the company, providing all-round services of production and storage of the ultra high purity medium, and the design, installation and test run of the transportation system. Meanwhile indoor quality-control equipments and systems required by strict production environment are also provided. At all times Shanghai Delun persist in the concept of providing the clients with the most optimized solutions to piping transportation, aiming at became the first-class distributor of ultra high purity technology transportation and has already successfully and classically solved many cases. The products and services of the company have been widely applied to the fields as follows:

    Semiconductor illumination (photoelectric)
    Solar energy
    New energy

    As a technology leader in the industry of installation of super high-pure piping system, Shanghai Delun has successful experience for many years. From detailed design to onsite initiation for the project, we have enough experience and resources to complete every project with your satisfaction, and we are able to provide the shortest project cycle and the most competitive price. Having integrated the professional techniques, efficient work and a team of high abilities, Shanghai Delun is able to offer you the perfect solutions to ultra high purity technology system, from design, consulting, installation, inspection and test run to authentication assistance.

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